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How do I hire a photographer I found on Fotodeck?

Fotodeck is just a directory for people to find professional photographers. We never play middle-man, take transaction fees, and will never charge you anything to find a photographer here on Fotodeck. We suggest marking all your favorite photographers you find on Fotodeck and choosing the ones best suited for your project. All photographers' contact information is available on their listing details page, so contact them to find out more about their services.

How are these listing arranged? Is there some kind of order?

Currently, these listing are shown in a randomized rotation. It gives photographers on Fotodeck a fair chance of being displayed towards the top of the page. Every time a visitor views the site or refreshes the page, the photographers will be displayed in a different order.

I didn't receive my activation email.

Some email services or software automatically filter legitimate emails on accident. Please check your SPAM or BULK email folders for our activation email. The subject line should say: "[Fotodeck] Activate Your Account and Publish Your Listing". If you are still having problems activating your account, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist.

Can I only choose one photography service category?

Yes, you can only choose 1 photography service category per listing. This helps keep all listings on Fotodeck very targeted, and helps people find the right photographer much easier. If you're a photographer who offers multiple services, we welcome you to create multiple accounts and multiple listings to showcase each photography service you offer.

So I can create multiple accounts for different services I offer?

Yup...if your photography business is truly split evenly between several services, then we encourage you to create two separate Fotodeck accounts to list two different services. For example, if half your business comes from wedding photography and half comes from editorial photography, then creating two separate listings will help potential clients find and view your wedding portfolio and budget info apart from your editorial portfolio and budget info.

Should I choose the city I live in?

It is definitely up to you how you'd like to market yourself on Fotodeck. In our opinion, if you live in a smaller city, it might be more strategic to list yourself as a photographer in a nearby large metro (even if it is two hours away). This might help you get more views for your listing as the pool of potential clients may be larger in a large nearby metro. See what works for you as you can always edit your listing to change your city.

What dimensions should I use for my photo uploads?

All photos displayed on Fotodeck are 3:2 aspect ratio in landscape layout. To avoid automatic cropping, we advise uploading photos that are in 3:2 aspect ratio, landscape layout, and at least 900px width by 600px height.

What budget range should I choose?

We understand that professional photographers accept all kinds of jobs for a wide range of budgets. We encourage you to choose a typical budget for your main specialty that makes up most of your business. This will help potential clients better understand the services you offer.

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