0303hazel14 0429olympic02 Cc_23_09t 06india Dogshow28
0303hazel14 0429olympic02 Cc_23_09t 06india Dogshow28
0303hazel14 om Hazel had six months to go. He'd been at his job at the Reynolds Aluminum plant in Longview, Washington, for 29 years and six months. Under his union contract, he was eligible to retire at a full pension -about $1,000 a month, or $37.50 for each year of employment- when he hit 30. But today the Longview plant sits shuttered and Tom's pension plan is gone, as are the lifetime medical benefits he was promised. Shot for Mother Jones.
0429olympic02 Salumist Elias Cairo at work at the "American Charcuterie," Olympic Provisions, Oregon's first USDA certified meat-curing facility. Image shot for The Finder.
Cc_23_09t Six months out of the year The New Shanghai Circus performs twice daily in Branson, Missouri. Most of the troupe do not speak English and has little contact with America. They practice up to four hours a day so free time is minimal and often spent on the Internet or playing video games.
06india Rina, 28, became a prostitute after her manager at a cosmetics company pressured her for sex in exchange for a promotion. "I have no past, my only identity is a sex-worker." Her mother is also a sex-worker. Many people cite lack of empowerment for women as a major cause of HIV/AIDS in India.
Dogshow28 Portland, OR hosts the Rose City Classic Dog Show. Held at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center the volunteer-run event takes place over 4 days, with more than 3000 confirmed entries on Saturday. It is estimated that the event brings in millions of tourism dollars every January and is one of the last chances for owners to qualify their dogs for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held in February. Here handler and owner Barbara Curry watches over Standard Poodle Ciroc before competition. Shot for the New York Times.
0303hazel14 0429olympic02 Cc_23_09t 06india Dogshow28






Leah Nash has a passion for documenting the normal and the extreme, which she often finds are one and the same.  She holds a Master’s degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri and in 2004 was awarded a Fulbright Grant to photograph the AIDS crisis in India.  A year later she moved to Portland, OR to begin her freelance career.

Over the years she has received the Marty Forscher Fellowship for Humanistic Photography and the NPPA Kit C. King Scholarship and has been honored by Photo District News, the Magenta Foundation, the Eddie Adam’s Workshop and by Pictures of the Year International.  Her clients include Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Mother Jones, GEO Magazine, The Fader, The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Stern, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.